United Kingdoms Unfettered Trade Deals



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The European Economic Community (EEC) was a regional organisation! Note Regional Organ, Not a European one” although”
which aimed to bring about economic integration, Note integration is bringing different things together (as different they are – if not, theres nothing to integrate)” among its member states. (The member state) at that time.
Note well where all trade agreement’s meet, It was created by the Treaty of Rome of 1957. Not the EU” Note Well you cannot leave it by formally leaving the EU” as the EU did not create it.
Upon the formation of the European Union (EU) in 1993, the EEC was incorporated, Note brought under the umbrella! and renamed as the European Community (EC) in short, Yet the United Kingdom are still a member of that EEC, that still stands created under the Treaty Of Rome created in 1957, along with all the members that signed up to the Treaty of Rome prior to signing IMG_0353the EU, as you all still remain members.
Because the EU doesn’t desolve the EEC, it brings it in under an umbrella only.
Those joining the EU after 1993 only agree to the Treaty of Rome as part of the EU membership and are not an actual members of the Treaty of Rome without being ratified by the members prior to 1993. Under the Treaty Signed in 1957 (The Treaty Or Rome) you are a full trading partner with all the benefits of such membership to include the benefits of those members of the EU that has signed up to agree to the Treaty Of Rome in default of signing up to the EU, but ratified by you only as to what that May or May not be. Or for Miss May to decide as one sees fit.
The incorporation of EEC into the EU was making it (part) of the EU, that (part) being the EEC, your part as a EEC member is now not part of the EU as incorporated with the benefits of EU but with rather that part of the EEC agreements to include the Treaty Of Rome . Your still in the EEC as member. with unfettered trade under the treaty of Rome. To now leave the Treaty of Rome and the EEC would need a separate referendum to do so as you only left the EU, Those already signed up to the EU already agree to the Treaty Of Rome and EEC by being in the EU. Therefore Any interference in trade by any EU member creating penalty disability or restriction by not being a member of the EU is contrary to the Treaty Of Rome and the EEC and in turn interfering with the EU that’s signed up to those Treaties. Any such action would constitute an engagement in a crime of financial terrorism ether by way of action/treating behaviour/speech or otherwise contrary to The Treaty’s of Rome Union and Unions
Regards peter reaney

Ignorance but a lame excuse for thee oppressed by Supreme Court opinion, regards Salvadore R. Perricone

  1. Last month, the Supreme Court of Louisiana handed down an opinion, In re: Salvadore R. Perricone, No. 2018-B-1233 (online: http://www.lasc.org/ opinions/2018/18-1233.B.OPN. pdf), where a court considered whether Perricone violated his ethical obligations as a result of anonymous comments that he posted online between 2007-2014. Some comments related to trials which he was the prosecuting attorney, others related to trials his colleagues were prosecuting. The opinion! Worthless indeed. interesting but lacking any competent locus standi as Nemo judex in causa sua renders the opinion worthless should it be challenged competently in my opinion and an easy sell.
  2. Worse still, the opinion rather again and i might add not to be obtrude to the decision maker which in doing nothing wrong was asked to take the task and completed it well county to any law i might add, is in itself just as worthless as are all opinions except to those whom ask for it, as they are but one and not to a vote/jury.
  3. i do feel the type of published opinionated dreams of lecturers on the subject a demonstration off nothing except to instil caution and fear among lawyers to demonstrate ones own personal opinion as if in becoming a lawyer lost your right to vote. did it damage the case! definitely not. quo warranto does a right to express ones opinion [same as above] whither publicly or anonymously been given away to one man? their has been no such referendum. What their is in fact through education a brainwashing by PR which edu is in itself, a belief in the rule rather than the law, which implies grave delinquency in ones duty to ones self as to pure law. in the decision itself is an attack on the purest law, in addition attacks it as if it were guided by comments in the web, which is absurd, tyrants attack on the right for it to he heard in public.
  4. At worst in light of damaged economy’s by “Top civil servants” in turn creating an environment which attacks family life the unit forcing both parents to fund the civil service under the illusion of “the emancipation of women” bs and rendering public galleries empty in part for that reason, and not being the philosophy that suddenly people don’t wish to keep an eye on the judiciary as they are inherently intended, which again is just more accumulated worthless opinions of civil servants i’ve read praying to each other in a failed book seminar force sold by more “education incorporated backing” The “At Worst” being fulfilling in part that what is lacking and ones duty to speak out at injustice express an opinion to inform and watchful OVER the judiciary. the loss itself in this case is but to one only which is comforting as what one man gives away another may claim and to an opinion of one is for but for one sole only. Is the very reason man has to exercise his right. Ignorance is but a lame excuse for thee oppressed


You are Barred. Thats whats meant by the Bar. #HighCourt Servant’ Your answerable to the People even one. RT far and wide


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Regards; The Undeserving Poor: A Very Tiny History by Elizabeth Bruenig

Quote; Government give nothing back Elizabeth Bruenig @WashingtonPost People collect contributions they’ve on the most part paid in as members of an overall society, for to maintain how that society should work. pr

Quote; If you contribute to a society with no return and no security, no one will wish to be part of that society that takes all and returns nothing. pr

Quote; The idea the rich contribute is nonsense, The rich couldn’t survive without the poor. The poor is the minority of workers who lay in wait for the rich to get busy expanding. pr

Quote; The inequality reached is the fault of government alone. In the failure to disburse wealth evenly and failure to create an infrastructure for jobs to be created. pr

Quote; Everything the rich use is subsidised by the poorer in society. See how far the rich get if we evenly disburse the wealth and collectively job share to acquire utopia in workforce and charge for workers accordingly, as all those provisions for social security come directly from what little provisions the workers receive. pr

Quote; See how far the rich would get paying the full price for a hospital beds, and operations and even medicine, education, water, food, fuel, land, use of roads, enter the planning office and pay direct, even pay to enter/use or have “a” building. Everything is subsidised for them in order to give that illusion for the rich mechanism we have to prevail. pr

Quote; The problem regards equality everyday is in direct proportion to failure of government seeing and to giving, the right kind of tax incentives to corporations and entrepreneurs in order to divert riches from the top of the pyramid to the bottom targeting locations that utilise the labour force to its maximum. pr

Quote; Corporations are moderate hit and miss successes carried through losses by shareholders who know nothing. pr

Quote; Companies are a one trip pony in existence normal three generations long with no one to carry it through losses. pr

Quote; Entrepreneurs are the priority, the solution and the existence of both Corporations and Companies and their replacements. pr

Quote; Failed businessmen invest previous success in the accumulation of wealth, by acquiring new business ideas from desperate entrepreneurs to maintain a fictitious dream with procedural heart, instead of selling experiance to the dreamer, which normally ends in a corporate state of faith. pr

Quote; Governments job is
(1) To provide services.
(2) To provide tax incentives in areas of job growth to job creators by way of a tax relief for doing so.
(3) Provide priority funding ether grant aided i.e. state or through Banks in banking policy to entrepreneurs. pr

Quote; All other funding mechanics are cooperation based bets and forced failures with moderate to large successes maintained by the successful PR markets and shareholders carrying the losses. pr



Brexit to Fixit from The coverup to Chemical Warfare And the Atempt of Financial Terrorism

In response to a piece in Tony Blairs Institute Global link below, i felt compelled to give my opinion having read the farcical hypotheses. It’s just an opinionated and pessimistic view written at length to loose most readers In order for a ya or na response having lost its trail. He actually says nothing except hypostasise certain moves in certain situations to back his fear of loosing (1). his i believe protection of the ECJ regards his own personal actions regards starting a war knowing he had no foundation to do so although encouraged by a maniac under prelude to do something to cover what Donald Rumsfeld declared war on the day before 9/11.

After the US spending Trillions on defence over 2.2 Trillion went missing on whatever scheme they had planned!

That’s $8000 missing for every man woman and child in the United States Of America! Think about all that taxes a moment.

9/11 has belittled all that as off the following day. There were 4 war games going on at the time and a security meeting was scheduled with the United Nations on the morning of 9/11, In response to it,
Then the towers came down that morning.

And one of the towers wasn’t even hit!

They believe it was a terrorist attack upon finding a passport outside a tower which belongs to one of the pilots that was flying a plane into a building.

(2). Tony founded an institute for Global Change with a Nigerian Health Professor who was a director and led the UCL Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, UCL-TB and was a senior investigator at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit. He was head of TB at Public Health England.

Institute Global is (a) for Global Change aims to help make globalisation work by helping countries, their people, and their governments address some of the most difficult challenges in the world today. (b) They work to promote co-existence and counter extremism. (c) They work to support increased stability and understanding in the Middle East.

Its believed a collusion a threat and a backfiring and secret funding of a chemical warfare in the hands of a select few and above government. If you can unaccount for in the Trillions of Taxpayers money you can do whatever you want.

As for Brexit

The U.K. Can trade with the EU in or out.

The EU cannot threaten free trade by pending it on an open border policy.

If it did Ireland would leave along with other countries.

One should never give in to financial terrorists nor seek to be part of such a Union

Tony Blairs Brexit Plan hypothesises of pawns that never move

Fodder Shortages + Carbon Credits

#RT Solving fodder shortage Grant Funded by carbon credits, Releasing 20% land mass for renewable energy crop harvesting. at 50 pound per ton versus concentrated feed 200 per ton, And mass seed production to match silages 30-40 tonnage. Upside is a Self funded, New income stream, posibility of unrestricted expansion to Beef production giving rise to lowering end user costs and hitting EU targets curbing immersions  H2O Farm on BBC’s Countryfile https://lnkd.in/ezE2r96 via @YouTube @BBCCountryfile @IFAmedia @Bordbia @farmersjournal